SAM : Desensitising humankinds heart to the point that they fracture off so much






Yes, hearts will grow and glow once again, we will remember who we are, particles of Source.

We cease to allow our soul energies to be vampired as if we were just batteries for them.

We have our true purpose restored, our soul energies unite.

No longer drained/scattered/fractured, no more divide and conquer, their greatest fear.

To lose their only connection to what remains of the energy source, Mother Earth and all its inhabitants/life forms.

They cut themselves off, by trying to be equal to Source. They are still doing it to this day, with playing “god” with the weather/climate/biosphere/ecosphere, they have gained nothing bu disdain and for what they do to our world. Somehow, they still be lie ve , they were promised/ordained.

Idiots, to be lie ve in promises from the false gods! Possessed with the evil of ENVY, ENVY BECOMES HATRED, HATRED IS THE…

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