TANAATH AND THE SILVER LEGION UPDATE : Most of the new age ‘knowledge’ is part of a carefully controlled psi op






«Thank you for this email, Eddie.

I don’t know if you’re health issues are coincidental or among the many exacerbation and attacks that many of us have experienced lately. There has been an intensification of efforts against us, and some of that manifests in illness, injury and misfortune. This is how field effects work – the matrix that controls everything around us manifests the negativity as negative life events. It is not always a matter of a conscious being consciously directing specific attacks, although there has been plenty of that as well.

I can’t really answer for what other people claim about it. The whole Ascension sickness thing is something that someone else came up with. Someone in the new age community invented it to explain away symptoms of psychic attack and electronic assault and chemtrailing as something positive to be embraced.

Most of the…

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