LORRAINE TASTO : I look forward to making my journey back through the Eye..I am more than ready | OUT OF THIS WORLDX











Lorraine LeGore Tasto ….

Thank you Rob for your concern…but it does not matter anymore..the Old Guard is on their way out and everything is now in place for the Shift to happen. Father just wanted me to share what I know to help everyone understand what is going to take place so you have less confusion with the process. I have connected to our Mother through the Earth as Her Love is in all of creation. As far as the negative ones causing me harm….they seem more concerned with their own welfare at the moment although they have caused me alot of pain and suffering in the past. I look forward to making my journey back through the Eye..I am more than ready.
Lorraine LeGore Tasto …

Many of us have already separated from some of the people that we love…there has been a vibrational sorting going on since 2000. People have been drifting away from each other as a result of this sifting process.
Lorraine LeGore Tasto …

The Vibration and the longing of your Heart will make the choice for you. When that moment comes you will know.
Lorraine LeGore Tasto …

The ones that go into 5D will transmute their bodies from a carbon base body into a crystal base body as the Earth moves through the Eye..It does not hurt and is very fast…in the vision that I had I was shown the process in slow motion so that I could see the details of how it was done. The nano particles will turn to dust in the process.

Lorraine LeGore Tasto

Hello Adam…I am sorry that you are suffering…..I am having physical distress also…The information than I am receiving is that the Old Guard has violated Galactic law in the 3rd Dimension and that this is
now going to be corrected by the New Guard. But in order to upgrade this Dimension they need to raise the frequency of this planet. What I was shown is that they are using the 5D waves coming from the Eye….to do this..once they are finished …3D and 5D earth will separate. 5D earth will go back through the Eye to Her Home.

Both 3D and 5D Earths are Organic…one is Carbon Based and the other is Chrystal Based. The quality of life in 3D earth will be upgraded from the 5D waves and all of the new technology that will be released
shortly. All of the Old Guard will be eliminated….The danger of the Nanoite technology is that it has the capability of entrapping souls by making it more difficult to be Heart Centered..thus preventing the soul from moving to the next level….In 5D Earth you are Heart Centered and can create what you need from your thoughts with out the need of technology. People tend to think of 5D Earth as Heaven because it functions on the Vibration of Love and Unity…………..In the end ..we are all on a journey back to Love…some of just take the scenic route..

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